Monday, February 20, 2012

Scrappy Chevron Quilt Top Tutorial!

(This is my first quilting tutorial, so constructive criticism is welcome! Apologies for the crap-tastic photos, I have really awful lighting in my house.)

This tutorial will show how to make a scrappy chevron quilt top using half-square triangles (HSTs). The instructions will make a toddler-sized quilt measuring about 45" x 60". Our squares will start out as 5 7/8" and finish as 5". We'll be using six rows of chevron striping with four prints each. Out grid is 9 blocks wide and 12 blocks long. If you want to make a bigger quilt or change the number of stripes, some simple math can be used to scale the blocks larger or add or remove rows.

You'll first want to choose the colors for your chevron stripes. You can do six different colors or shades for a rainbow or gradient affect or choose one, two, or three colors and repeat rows in those colors. I chose two colors repeated three times each.

- 1 1/8 yard of your neutral color. I used white.
-1 fat eighth for each print. You'll need four prints per stripe for a total of 24. I used three prints and a solid color for each stripe.
- If you'd like to use scraps of these fabrics to piece a backing or some matching binding, you'll need to plan on buying more fabric than I listed here. The above is only enough for a quilt top.

Let's start cutting! You're going to need fifty-four 5 7/8" squares of your neutral color and nine 5 7/8" squares of each of your colorways (so two squares of each print plus one extra).

(Since I was just using two colors, I ended up with 27 squares divided between my blue prints and 27 divided between my orange prints.)

Once you have all of your squares, match each colored square with a white square and pin them together in two corners, right sides facing.

Taking a ruler, draw a diagonal line from one corner to the other. I used a pencil, but you can use a water-soluble pen (if you're marking them all at once) or an air-soluble pen (if you're marking then sewing one at a time.)

Now you'll want to sew your squares together. You're not going to be sewing on that line you just drew - you're going use it as your guide and sew 1/4" away from it on either side.

After your two lines are sewn, cut along the line you drew and press your seams toward the darker side. You now have 54 squares consisting of one white triangle and one colored triangle.

Lay out your rows as shown below.

Once you're happy with the way your prints are laid out, start sewing your squares together to form rows. Then sew your rows together to form your quilt top!

Stay tuned - I'll be writing a post on the quilt back I'll be making and how I plan to quilt this!


  1. This quilt is so pretty. You NEED to make me one sometime! Wedding present!!!