Monday, March 12, 2012

Warning: These Before pictures are terrifying

Remember the grand plans I had for my apartment? Well, I've been pretty unmotivated to start anything, for a couple of reasons. We were having serious issues with our apartment and getting attitude from the managers about fixing them, so I basically didn't put any effort into this place because I was having doubts about staying. However, things have finally been resolved and I'm back to the original plan of staying here for at least a couple of years. That plus some freed-up cash means I can actually get some of these plans off the ground!

I've been slowly collecting frames here and there for my gallery wall, but the focus this week is on my awful-looking backyard.

I'm actually pretty lucky in that I have a decently-sized backyard for an apartment, not just a small slab of concrete outside my back door. I wanted Monster to have a safe place to go out and play, but that clover is about two feet high and attracts a lot of bees so it has to go. I did what any DIY-inclined person would do: I researched my options, read tips on websites, asked gardener friends about methods.... then I whipped out my checkbook and paid someone else to fix this mess.

What can I say? Gardening scares me. All that dirt, and being outside in prickly, stinging nature. -shudder-

 So anyway. This post is to document the awful condition my yard is in now, so hopefully over the next few weeks I'll have some much better photos to show you.

I'm slowly confronting my gardening fears!


  1. So fun! I'm jealous of your backyard! I'll come over and help you plant flowers!